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Onetia Cutts is the mother of one son and two beautiful granddaughters.

She is a Minister/Teacher, Entrepreneur, Alignment Coach,

Host of Sistah to Sistah, Monday Night Manna, and Co-Host at the

Believer’s Table on Facebook Live and YouTube weekly @ 7:30 p.m.

Onetia is the founder of Renewed Destiny an Online ministry empowering

others to grow spiritually. She is passionate about

encouraging others to obey God, to be renewed, refreshed,

and restored through God’s word!

She has a heart for entrepreneurship and has started

several businesses throughout her lifetime. Onetia spent most of her career in Sales and Marketing working with small businesses before becoming a licensed life insurance agent specializing

in the funeral expense industry. Onetia believes in having several streams of income and her companies operate under the umbrella of

“Shine from Home Network, LLC” She is a work-from-home advocate!

Also, an alignment coach where she helps

others to pivot into their “next season” through her

online coaching program “The Pivot Place.” Onetia received her undergraduate degree from Fort Valley University in Business Administration. A Master’s in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University and certificates in Life

Coaching, Christian Counseling, and Mental Health & Wellness.

She was ordained in Ministry in 2002 and has been assigned

to the Marketplace where she loves the freedom and flexibility

it affords.

She desires to obey God and follow His will for her life. She finds complete ​joy in helping others discover their gifts and birthing out whatever God has ​deposited within them. Onetia has merged her life experiences, call from ​God, education, wisdom, knowledge, and love for people to help empower ​them through seeking God’s will and destiny for their lives.

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Spreading the Gospel in the Marketplace

Business -Shine from home network, llc

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Coaching Services

Let me help you ​pivot into your next!

Through our six week coaching plans!

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The Senior Care Plan

Look at these Features:

The High Cost of

Final Expense

The Plain Fact...

it costs money when

a family member dies.

Yet many people

never give it a

moment’s thought.

Have You Prepared for your Final Expenses & Obligations? Today’s decision is tomorrow’s Peace of Mind Since death is one thing we cannot predict, prevent, evade, or avoid, you need to be prepared today. We recommend that you plan and fund in advance so your grieving loved ones are not burdened with it later!


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Policy includes casket,

vaults, urns, momument

and markets at

unbeatable prices

locked in at a low

price stay the same!



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Licensed in

Plans available for ages 0-85, with whole life insurance protection up

to $30,000.

• No medical exam required. Our simple application procedures allow

almost anyone to qualify, based on answers to a few questions about

your health history.

• Payment plans fit most budgets. No need to come up with a large

down payment.

• Worry-free, prompt claims service. Most claims are paid within 24

hours of receipt of the necessary paperwork.

• Premiums never increase and benefits never decrease. Policies also

build cash value.

• The best way to provide final expense coverage without complications

or excessive paperwork.

The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance Your Protection Cannot Be Cancelled As long as you make the payments when due, you cannot lose this valuable protection because of age or changes in health that occur after your policy is in effect. Your Amount Does Not Decrease

This is permanent whole life protection. Your policy does not decrease as you get older.Builds Cash Value After your policy has been in force for a specified period of time, it builds cash value every year. This is your money that you can leave to grow or borrow to use as you see fit. Most Plans Offer Full Coverage From The First Day You are protected from the very first day your first premium is honored by the bank and your policy is issued. If you do not qualify for one of our full-benefit, first-daycoverage plans, you may qualify for a limited benefit plan, which pays a reduced benefit in the first two or three policy years.

Business -Shine from home network, llc

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Recognizing when its time to

Everyone has a story and we all need help along the way. It’s not that we don’t

have what it takes, we need to select someone with the right heart, right motives dedicated to help us with our process.

You have my word; if I’m selected as your Spiritual Alignment Coach I will work alongside assisting you in putting the pieces together. It’s just that simple, you don’t have to over think it, admit that you need help and

take the next step!

As a Spiritual Alignment Coach yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit, my desire is to help you be successful in your endeavors.

Your Spiritual Alignment Coach

Onetia Cutts

Ask about our different coaching plans:

Do you need help with pivoting into your “next season?”

Do you feel stuck and need help moving forward?

Where are you? What do you need?

The Birthing room-Designed for those who is ready to give birth to a online ministry or business. This room can assist you with branding logos, biz card, flyer, brochure, and beginners website.

The Vision room - Do you have a dream or vision but do not know how to put the pieces together. This room will help you bring your vision into reality. It is designed to take what’s on the inside of you and implementing on paper and then publicly,

The Reinvent room- this room is designed for those who need to reinvent what they already have. You feel the Lord is calling you to do a new thing and you need help with getting it restructured.

The Pivot room - My favorite room I will teach you to pivot when you feel a shift in your spirit. This room is designed to help you pivot to the next level. Do you feel God is calling you to step out, step up or move from where you are? So what or who is holding you up or are you holding yourself up?

Our Coaching progam is affordable and designed to help you to move into your Next level!

It is a 6 weeks program!

contact me for more information!

Let's collaborate.

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